Rolex Datejust Two-Tone White Dial Roman Jubilee Band 16013




Watch Description
This is a 36mm rolex datejust two tone,  it has been fully service, from movement to gasket of the watch and completely polished to excellent condition.       It is a perfect item and ready to be used or gifted.
We have spend time to service this original band which was lose to tighten the gaps, all other listing here on ebay usually have their band loosen and not many  jewelers have the band fixed.    ( over time since 80’s they get loosen usually)       This product has been well maintained and taken care of.
Item was purchased from our client that does not have original paper, but we will include a after market rolex box for this item.
We’ll be delivering this item with service paper work and appraisal retail value that could be used to have it insured.

Item Code


Retail Value Price


Wrist size fit

8″ max fit 

Case Size





          Cali Diamonds

Final Selling Price


Serial #

5 Mill starting


Two Tone Jubilee


Roman     (White) color