Kobe Bryant Black Mamba Diamond Pendant





This is a top quality made piece of Men’s Diamond jewelry to perfection, Black mamba iced out piece has about 1,465 diamonds set on this pendant with 132.3 Grams of 14k Yellow gold and black mamba has been used black Rhodium,   this pendant all NATURAL diamonds are all vs1 clarity %100 natural diamonds without any flaw.
Piece is known as KOBE BRYANT  the legend is the perfect piece that we have up for sale only to serious buyers and true fans.
The Hook where chain passes through can take chain with up to 10mm thickness ONLY.    Round chain is ideal for this pendant and if your interested in a chain that’ll fit this pendant we can assist you.   price may varies based on your request.
we will be providing a service on this item for up to 1 year FREE cleaning if needed and minor polishing, if any major damage is done to the pendant we will be charging cost of repair.
Piece will be delivered with full certificate of appraisal stating all information on the piece and could be used to insuring you item.
Center Stone Description

Item Code

Black Mamba KobePendant

Retail Value Price


Gold Weight

132.3 Grams


3.2″ Long x 2.00″ Wide 


14k Yellow Gold


0         GRA

Final Selling Price


Diamond Carat Weight

25.50 Carat 




F- G



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